LP *JaCee and the Jags​-​Risky Luv*

by JaCee Music Ltd.

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JaCee is a fresh "NEW" artist who is piquing my interest more and more. When I first heard his music, I thought "Ok, well this guy has a rocking edgy sound and I like it !", which progressed to, "look at me, I'm jumping around to it, too cool !".

So, I went and looked up more music by him. What a surprise ! He can do it all ! He moves from straight forward rockin' jams (effortlessly) to beautifully sung and produced standards. Try it yourself - go from"Risky Luv" to "Black Orpheus" and check out the tremendous scope of talent this man has.

He's ageless, musically and you will find yourself asking, "Is he doing this now, or is he a talented, established artist I somehow
missed over the years?" JaCee is the complete package and you will be giving yourself a present when you listen to his vast volume of creativity. He has style, he has panache, he has richness and quality - all combined with an edginess that makes you wonder how one person could encompass so much musical soul on all these different levels.

JaCee is a name you'll be hearing a lot in years to come and you'll be saying, "Oh, JaCee? I've been a BIG fan of his for years !" Enough said, go and listen for yourself !!

Monica Dupont



released July 1, 2013

Produced by JaCee Music
All compositions written and recorded by JaCee
"Carnivale" by Louis Bonfa and "Pretend" by JaCee/Shoemaker
All Rights Reserved. ASCAP; JaCee Music Publishing
The Jags are world class musicians and friends who collaborate with JaCee
The Jags 2013:
*The Inimitable Paul Shoemaker (keys and trumpet) on Pretend, Dance! and Carnivale
*Smokin' John Squibb ( tenor saxophone) on Brownie
*Fitzy the Fuzz-electric guitar on Talkin' Trash Blues
*Mastering Services: musicandsfx.com



all rights reserved


JaCee and the Jags Boston, Massachusetts

Wildly eclectic Edgy and soft
This Music is You

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Track Name: Pretend
Pretend you're mine tonight!
Pretend you love me tonight!
Track Name: Get up Dance!
Get up and Dance!
Track Name: Funkdelicous
This is Love!
Track Name: Mr. Mo the Crow
Here I am your best crow!
Watchin' ya from the limb in the tree
Track Name: Demo; Lonely Sky
Tell me what went wrong-let me make it right.
Lonely Sky
Track Name: Talkin' Trash Blues
Just cuz ur a beauty queen
don't mean you don't gotta do sumpin right
evry now and den!