New single from JaCee - It's my turn again

from by JaCee and the Jags



Remix of JaCee's, "Brownie"


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It's My Turn Again-

Verse 1
There's been trouble with you
since we began
I've seen the little signs
along the way

Stories you weave make me believe
There's been trouble with you
since we took off
Those bumpy skies and black clouds
they just drag me down
Your kisses so deep
they make me feel weak

sing me your little song
the one
that says
you love me

Dreams and schemes
floating in my cup
the wine
tastes fine
your lips
on mine

Verse 2
Yes there's been trouble with you
since we began
Troubled water and deep quick sand
That light in your eyes
it won't let me hide

your silver bell
the one
that says
Toot Sweet

It's tragic
it's magic
the little farse we play
Ignore your encore
Exit stage right
follow the night!

Verse 3
There's danger
I'll wager
flyin' close to that flame
Russian Roulette!
I'll take that bet!
I know it's a crazy hazy game
It's my turn again
tell me when
to pull

Instrumental Solo

Outro Verse
It's my turn again
Honey tell me when
and I'll pull…

Darlin I'm tellin you
I don't care anymore
It's just to real to turn
and walk away
Baby give me more and more
let's do it all again
Don't let this end
Oh no no...

released 1 AUG 2014
Smokin' Squibb on the sax


from Moon Kiss Sun​-​the album, track released August 1, 2014



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JaCee and the Jags Boston, Massachusetts

Wildly eclectic Edgy and soft
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